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  • Finding Mobile & Local Business Leads

    Finding Mobile & Local Business Leads

    In my last post I said I would tell you how to easily find leads  for selling mobile services. Currently there are a couple of things that are very popular for generating leads for the offline world and that is the new Google My Places and Google’s Mobile Friendly penalty. In short, if your business […]

  • The Future Of Mobile Marketing (and what you have to offer)

    The Future Of Mobile Marketing (and what you have to offer)

    I spoke to you yesterday about mobile marketing. Of course mobile marketing is a huge subject and and likely to grow faster than most people can keep up. But like with everything you need to start somewhere. I ace you a few stats yesterday that should have given you an idea of the size and […]

  • [Part 3] Finding Super Hot Local Business Leads

    No this does not require you to pound the pavements in your local town. One of the great advantages of local businesses is that most are desperate to get their businesses online. These are the facts: Most local businesses are aware ,or certainly becoming aware, that new technology is literally stealing customers away from the […]

  • [Part 2] Easy Ways To Make Money With Offline Clients

    In this second post about local business opportunities I want to talk about local directories. Local directories are simply websites that store the names, address, telephone numbers, opening times etc. of local businesses. When I say local directories I mean any directory of course as some are national or international directories (yellow pages etc.) but […]

  • (Local Business part 1) Selling Services To Offline Clients

    Hi guys, I just wanted to talk little about local business opportunities. By that I mean the opportunity for you online guys to help local offline businesses get (or improve) their own online presence . Many local businesses already have websites but most are low quality and most have been put together by people that […]