Hi guys,

I just wanted to talk little about local business opportunities. By that I mean the opportunity for you online guys to help local offline businesses get (or improve) their own online presence .

Many local businesses already have websites but most are low quality and most have been put together by people that do not understand SEO or anything about local rankings.

So with only a little SEO understanding and some guidance you can offer some cool services to local businesses and make a pile of money at the same time.

SEO and other online services to local businesses still has a premium price ticket and 4 figure payments are the norm rather than the exception.

Monthly retainers or ongoing service or management charges are also normal so recurring income is very easy to build up.

Of course you can do this either completely online yourself or if you are prepared to go out and talk to prospective clients then the world’s your oyster.
So wanted to tell about a few things that I think are real winners. Some very new stuff so not many people are doing this. Nice, easy to sell services that all mean you need pretty much no skills at all as they are all ”pass through services”. I.e. you sell a service and someone else delivers it. You act as the middle man and manage it all.

The first service I want to tell you about is Google’s new “Business View”.

This is super cool very impressive service that is has basically got everything.

It is super cool looking, all the material and demos you need are freely available and look great. The service is supplied via Google approved photographers that do all the work for you.

I have put together a video on how it works and how you could sell this service easily to local businesses (first video below).

The actual service creates a 360 degree panorama of the inside of a premises and is integrated with Google maps street view so that you can actually “walk around” inside a shop or restaurant online.

Searchers can see inside of a shop before even leaving the house.

How cool is that?

It works best for businesses that look good on the inside like cool coffee bars, fashion and clothes shops, smart pubs and restaurants , car showrooms in fact any business that wants to show off what’s inside.

Checkout the videos below and see what I mean.




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