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  • Content Quality and a New Panda Update Warning [Part 2]

    In Part 2 I want cover some of the things you absolutely need to understand when deciding if a web page is actually high quality. Google’s latest Panda update will most certainly be looking to penalise more “low quality” sites so it is imperative you make sure your web pages are truly high quality. In few days I will also post [part 3] that covers identifying web spam and other things that will put your pages into penalties. I have created an extensive tutorial on this whole subject of web page quality based on the the published (and unpublished) guides and guidelines of Google. It’s available at the link below. I don’t normally produce products at this low price but I want as many people as possible to take this one up. Without this understanding every website and web page you ever create will an uphill struggle at best. User Intent I spoke last time about User Intent. That means “what does the user actually want to do when they type in query in the Google search engine”. This is crucial that you understand this. If the web page the searcher lands on does not “fulfill” the user intent the they will simply move on elsewhere. Ads, sales pitches, affiliate links, opt-in forms will all be  ignored as the simply “BackPage” to the search results to try something else. When I say “User Intent” for the search query I really mean your target keywords. The keywords you are expecting people you find your site with There are three types of user intent. 1. Action (want to something like take a test or compare prices) 2.Information (want information about something like how high is Mt. Everest) 3.Go (go to a specific page i.e. Google homepage or AdWords Keyword tool) These are know as ” Do-Know-Go”. Of course you need to identify the precise user intent, for instance the keyword “Makita 2350 Power Drill” is most likely to have a user intent to purchase that item (Do) . While “Makita 2350 Power Drill spec” would be looking for the technical specifications of the product (Know) and  Makita” would probably be looking for the manufactures web site (Go) These “intents” are quite specific. So let’s take a typical example of the mistakes webmaster make with this (you may recognize this 🙂 Your keywords  “Makita 2350 Power Drill” is for a web page that gives an in depth description of the technical specifications of the  product. Even offer some great information on how to use it, safety tips and explanation of many of the add-ons and attachment that are available. Lots of pictures of the product and even a cool video of it in action. The page may have taken you days to complete. You’ve added a couple of AdSense blocks on the page, nothing too intrusive. Is this high quality page?  Quiet Simple NO It does not fulfil the user intent. The user (of your keyword) wanted to buy a drill NOT learn all about about a drill. It is a […]

  • Content Quality and a New Panda Update Warning [Part 1]

    You may or may not be aware but there is new round of major Google updates coming. The first is a new Panda update that will take effect tomorrow (Friday 15th March) or maybe Monday, according to Matt Cutts. There is also talk by Matt of a new Penguin update and an frontal attack on […]

  • (Authority) If You Have Website You Need To Read This

    First off lets be very clear Google is killing of low content, low quality sites. What they refer to as “Authority Sites” are the new way into Google’s top rankings. Check out any top 10 search these days and you see a lot more authoritative sites and very few (if any) small sites. I have […]

  • Latest Google Changes How Do They Affect You?

    Google seem to have shot themselves in the foot a bit with their link based ranking search algorithm. In it’s day it was the best by such a huge margin that it shot Google to the top of the pile and made it firmly the worlds Number One search engine. In fact I doubt that […]

  • Decrease Bounce, Increase Revenue & Build a List

    Do want more money from your website or blog for no extra work, no extra visitors, no extra traffic? Of course you do! OK, there is some work to be done but I mean you don’t have to keep doing more work. This is a one off activity that will decrease your bounce rate dramatically […]

  • My Social Syndicator – Getting Your Site The Social Standing It Deserves

    Hi guys, You already know that most of the search engines use a number of different factors to judge the worth of a website. Factors like the number and quality of backlinks and the quality of the content. But more and more they are looking for new and better ways to judge the worth of […]

  • Ever Been Tempted To Try And Rank Misspelled Words?

    I thought I would talk about this today as it has cropped up a few times over the last week in various conversations with customers. It’s about misspellings. Now a few years ago there were a number of “products” that targeted Ebay and others by finding product listings that had misspellings and so could get […]