Do want more money from your website or blog for no extra work, no extra visitors, no extra traffic? Of course you do!

OK, there is some work to be done but I mean you don’t have to keep doing more work. This is a one off activity that will decrease your bounce rate dramatically and increase your revenue and even build a list you can market to (even more revenue). All without adding even one single extra site visitor.

Recent Google Panda updates has made a dramatic change to the way google ranks websites. One of the key factors Google now use to assess a sites “worthiness” is the bounce rate. That just means if someone looks at the first page of your site and then leaves your site before looking at any other pages then it is a bounce. Obviously you want people to stay on your site longer and look at more pages. So does Google.

So here is one simple method to improve your bounce rate. It’s not complicated, in fact it’s darn right simple. It’s not even new but how we do this is a little different and you will see how it works so well.

You probably know that giving away a freebie report or ebook is a favourite way to get people to subscribe to an email list. Well it’s also great for reducing your bounce rate.

In this case you don’t ask for an opt-in or email sign up. You simply give them a direct download link.

OK, here’s the clever bit. You put the download link on another page of your website!

What you do is put a link (on your homepage or landing page) advertising the free download. That link goes directly to another web page on your site or blog. That page should be full of great interesting content of course and the final link to the download should be at the bottom of the page.

So to get to the link a visitor needs to go to at least one other page. You could even add in another “hop” and go to a third page but you should a little creative and not just give your visitor the run around. For instance when you get to the first download link you could offer a “special” pro version of the download or check for latest updates or offer another download altogether. A little imagination and you can come up with some novel ideas.

Downside to this is that visitors may be drawn away from the ads you are trying to get them to click on. However with the dramatically reduced bounce rate the additional rankings alone may offset that.

Next step though is to be clever with download. It needs to be interesting of course but you can use pretty much any content you want (not ignoring copyright of course) as Google will not be ranking your download document so duplicate content etc. is not a worry. It doesn’t have to be huge just useful and interesting.

There are two things you must do to your download.

1. Add links back to your site

Add links back to your site referring to info pages, videos, images or even products.

2. Monetize your document

You can’t add Adsense ads of course but Amazon products or Clickbank products are great.

Use you imagination and you can easily create a 5-10 pages of info, images, links, ads etc.

Finally you have the opportunity to build a list. Then you can mail to your list regularly both free and paid products and start making long term money.

If your primary objective is to build a list then you can link the final download link to an opt-in form (Aweber). If you are happy to make the list building secondary then add a link in the download document that offers another free product in exchange for the opt-in.

Either way it’s a great long term strategy.

Got any ideas how to keep vistors moer interested in your web site?  What do you do to keep them interested?

Share your ideas with us and comment below

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