Hi guys,

I know many people still find it difficult to discover good niches to target.
There is lots of help about but all the different ideas and teachings can sometimes just muddy the waters.

You may also hear that there are no niches left!. It’s all tapped out!

Sure it it can take a bit more looking these days but there are still may more micro-niches left to make money from.

So for those unbelievers and anyone who needs a helping hand I have recently come across a niche that is truly untapped. I found there are loads of high value keywords with plenty monthly local searches and even lots of exact match domains available.

Some Of The Valuable Keywords

So you are welcome to try for this niche yourself or just use it as an example to see that there are untapped niches or niches that still have plenty of opportunity to make money in, even for newbies.

I won’t be doing this niche myself so you won’t have any competition from me but the quicker you get up and running the more likely you are to make a success in this niche.

The niche is unusual but that is one of the secrets of finding profitable niches. I see 100s of new blogs every month and almost all are in the same old niches. So forget diet and weight loss, acne, make money, fitness, getting your ex back, tinnitus, and many of the less savoury subjects like piles and warts. Try to think a little outside the box and go where others have not. That is where you will find the little gems that can make you some cash.

Don’t worry though, if you are really stuck, or just need something to get you to take action. I have done the research for you. I will give you loads of valuable keywords, lots of exact match domains.

Loads Of Low Competition Keywords and Exact Match Domains

I’ll even give you your own niche product with Resell Rights so you get up and running in no time flat. All you need to do is put up a WordPress blog with a few interesting articles and I’ll even give you some to get your writing juices going.

Best of all everything is absolutely free and no sign up required. Just my gift to Online Income Club visitors.

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