Hi Guys,

I haven’t posted for a while on my blog.

Shame on me……………

I’ve been so busy updating WP Pipeline and working on my latest product with Anthoni Gardner (More about that in another post) that I have had zero time for anything else.

But that’s my sob story 🙂

So just wanted to chat a bit about trending keywords.  What are trending keywords?

What that really means is that you find keywords that no-one is really using or searching for yet. That way Google thinks they are of little value, no-one is targeting them and you can easily rank for them. Of course they have no traffic and you will make no sales so what’s the point?

That’s where the trending bit comes in. Trending keywords are those that have no searches now but sometime in the future will have a lot of searches. At that point there is a “sweet spot” where it is easy to rank on Google page 1 but there are lots of valuable searches.

In some cases a huge amount of searches.  A little while back I was using a technique with trending keywords to target a lot of different things. New product launched were very successful. Like $500-$1100 in a week for one 4 page blog.

My Royal wedding blogs went crazy and I made most money in AdSense I have ever made in one month from just 3 sites. All on the same subject (Kate and Williams wedding).

OK, it was great money and pretty easy to do. Like all things it had a downside.  Trends don’t usually last very long. If they do the big guns come out and try to take over the niche. Either way you end up with no traffic or a lot of work to keep your rankings.

BUT, and it is a big BUT, in the short time that you can rank highly and the traffic spike hits you can literally make thousands of dollars from on site in few days.

For me it was not a long term business model as this is is my full time job and I needed a more consistent income that I don’t need to be re-createing all the time.

AS a part time income strategy it is pretty cool though.

What spurred me to write this post was a new WordPress plugin I saw called Auto Traffic Trends by a guy called Michael Young.

He created WordPress plugin that basically used all the (now available) trending searches information from a lot of places on the web including Google. The plugin found the trends, build basic video and Amazon review pages using the trending keywords and auto posted them to your blog along with the right Amazon product and AdSense.

He seems to have found away to create perpetual “trending” posts. That way he has overcome the issue of the trend “fade” that makes these things usually short lived.

So my thoughts were, if you have a few jaded blogs that are not making you any money then why not try this plugin and see if it can ramp up your traffic.

Michael and his guys are also giving a free Webinar to show exactly how to put this plugin to best use so I highly recommend you attending that or at least watching the replay.

You can see more about Auto Traffic Trends by clicking this link

You can grab your free copy of Google Pirate from here

enjoy guys



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