I’ve been working full time online for over six years now and I have probably tried most of the money making methods around.



I have used SEO a lot and have built over 100 blogs.
Many still make a steady income today with no work.
I have use CPC ads to sell affiliate products.
I have tried Launch Jacking
I built a backlinks network
I have built autoblogs
I have created and sold training products
I have created and sold software
Initially I didn’t build a list (massive mistake)
I built a list and then promptly killed it.(stupid mistake)
I have now rebuilt a list and look after much better
I’ve converted PLR products
I’ve created PLR products
I’ve created videos (hundreds of them)

And the list goes on and on.

Over the last 6 years things have changed dramatically. Rules and regulations have been introduced, Google now automatically penalizes dodgy SEO and closes AdSense and AdWords accounts with total disregard to the users.


Paypal will close or lock your account in a flash. Clickbank and other affiliate networks requirements are now very strict.

The biggest change is the amount of people trying to make money online. The last few years the global economy has been terrible, mass job losses, wage freezes etc. and the mass availability of the internet, means lots of people looking to the internet for a quick cash solution.

Right up front I will tell you that a quick solution is not realistic. Sure you can make a few bucks by leveraging some loopholes or by using some clever (or illegal/unethical) tricks or methods but these rarely work out long term and never turn into a sustainable business.

6 years ago it was much easier but now online marketing is in the mainstream and although you can do everything from home, on your computer, don’t be fooled into thinking you are on your own. You are competing with professionals.

Professional have capital, planning, expertise and experience and can out-market most amateurs.

The main reason they can do that is because they have a profitable system at the heart of their business.

I will go into this more in a future post but basically that means that they can make more money from every customer. OK, that may not sound like the secret that will fix all your online issues but trust me when I tell you it is.

Let me try and make it clearer.

Take this simplistic example. You are a new online marketer and find a great affiliate product that makes you $50 for every sale. Now a pro marketer sees the same product and gets the same commission.

To sell the product you need some traffic, some visitors to your website. I won’t go into specific traffic sources for now but you need to understand that all traffic costs. It either cost money or it costs time. Your time is money so in practice all traffic costs money.

For this simple example let’s assume all traffic cost the same. In this case $2 per visitor to your site.

In practice the cost of the traffic is what people are prepared to pay for it. So the more money they make the more they will pay for traffic. It is the principle of supply and demand (and profit).

So in our example let’s assume you have worked miracles and have the same amazing conversions as your professional competitor.

So you both get 100 visitors at $2 each (cost $200) you both sell two affiliate product and make $100. So both of you have spent $200 each and made $100.

The difference is that the pro marketer will not stop there. That same 100 visitors (at no extra cost) will also be fed to another, more expensive product and maybe sells two of those at $100 each ($200) .

Once again the professional send the very same traffic to an even more expensive product. Maybe this time they only sell one at $250.

OK. They have now made $100 + $200 + $250 = $550

So they have made a profit of $350 compared to your loss of $100.

OK, that sucks, you seemed to be competing on an even field but your in loss and they are in profit. What can you do?

Well, how about creating your own product. Now you not just getting commissions but the all the money. So maybe instead of $100 you get $200. Great you are now breaking even.

Now your competitor does exactly the same thing and instead of making $550 they make $1100.

Wow, They are well in profit. In fact they are doing so well they are prepared to pay more for their traffic as they can still make a profit. So this forces the traffic cost up to, say $3 per visitor.

Oops! bad news for you as if you have to pay $3 a visitor that’s $300 for your traffic and only $200 earnings, so back to square one with a $100 loss.

This is one of the fundamental reasons why new starters and even seasoned marketers struggle to make consistent and repeatable profit. When they fail the belief is that the traffic is too expensive or too hard to get. In fact that is not true.

The issue is they do not have a good solid business system in place to make the most out of the traffic they do get.


Ask yourself, how much would you be prepared to pay for 100 visitors to your website?

$10? Of course if you can make $20
$1000? of course, if you can make $2000

Now ask yourself how easy would it be to get 100 visitors for $10? Probably quite difficult.
How about 100 visitors for $1000. Yes absolute doddle.

OK some extreme examples there but I am just trying to prove the point.

You see the traffic cost is not relevant if the earnings are high enough. So the way to a profitable business is not to reduce the cost of your traffic. It is to increase the income that traffic brings in.

Over the last 6 years this one thing that has kept me on top. I didn’t do it from day one. Unfortunately I had to learn from my own mistakes and build my system over time. Now this system is what pays my wages. It allows me to live where I want and gives me the freedom to do what I want.

In my new training the TM Business Engine I teach my exact system. I take you step by step through understanding exactly how the system works and exactly how to build it for yourself.

The TM Business Engine is probably one of the most in-depth and complete internet marketing training courses ever produced.

I will be launching this training at full price very soon but as my Christmas present to you I am offering it to my subscribers only at half the launch price.

I will be sending out some more tips and guidance on creating a profitable online business in future posts but if you want me to take you through everything right now then watch this video.



P.S. This offer is only available before Christmas

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