In my previous post I talked you through the reasons and and example of how and why you generally need to be selling multiple products to make much it easier to make a profit and compete with even the top internet marketers.

Product creation can be a scary idea for many people.

What kind of product should I create ebook, videos, audios?
What niche should work in?
What could my product be about?
How do I find new ideas?
How Do I create something I am not an expert in?

And many other questions that generally hold back budding marketers from being successful.

It is crucial that you  understand that there is nothing stopping you making a lot of money online except yourself. Have faith in yourself and actually have ago and you can be very successful.

If you do not believe in yourself or you never give it a try you have already failed.

believe Let’s just talk more about product creation, or for this post let’s focus on product ideas.

Like all things there is a specific process that allows you to create a product. That includes coming up with a product idea.

A lot of product creators will think of what they consider a good idea. It may seem unique, it may seem clever, it may be something they are very proud of. However if they have not done a little market research and a few common sense tests they may be creating something that nobody wants.

There is little point in wasting time creating products that no-one wants to buy.

Although you need to understand the difference between products people don’t want and products that have not been marketed well enough (and sell only few)

For now though let’s focus on thinking up a good product idea.


In my view the easiest niches to look at are what we call the Health, Wealth and Happiness niches. These are things like weight loss, fitness, various cures, making money (in many forms) or things that give you (or other some great pleasure), anything from dating to Golf and beyond.

At this level it’s called choosing a broad niche. If this is your first time doing this then selecting something you are either passionate about, skilled in or would be greatly interested in learning will be helpful. If not then it’s still not a problem.

From the broad niche you will “drill down” into narrower niches. In fact you will drill down to a level where you can become an “expert” in that subject in a couple of weeks.

So you may start off with a broad niche like Diet or Weight loss.

You can then look at narrowing the niche by adding an subject Like women diet, men’s diet, teen diet etc.

Now you can make your niche much more specific by adding a target and/or a time frame. For instance “Overweight Teenagers Can Lose 10 pounds In 10 Days”.

Or you add something like “Easy Way For Teenagers To Lose 10 pounds

You need to go far enough with this concept to have a very specific niche, something they really want in that niche and then define some specifics about what they are doing or how they can do it. At this point you have a title for a possible new product.

Often ideas like, Tips, Tricks, Fast Results, Simple Solution etc. can work well with this concept.

Once you have decided on a product title you need to test it to see if it will be profitable.


One of the key tests is to find out if there are enough people interested in a particular niche. This isn’t the same as looking at the number of keyword searches but more about looking to see if there a a good number of people interested in the subject. It doesn’t need to be millions of people interested.

Investigate related forums, Yahoo answers, magazines, Kindle books etc. to see if people are interested in the subject. Again not the specific keywords.

In the above example you are looking to see how many people are interested in “teen diets”. There rest of the title is simply a way of presenting your unique angle on the product.

Also check to see if there are other products selling in the niche. If there are then great. Don’t be afraid of competition. That only means there is a market of buyers.

Now you have an idea of your new product you need to physically create it. That is much simpler than you may imagine but I will save that for my next post.


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