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You already know that most of the search engines use a number of different factors to judge the worth of a website.

Factors like the number and quality of backlinks and the quality of the content.

But more and more they are looking for new and better ways to judge the worth of a website.

Google in particular is now looking at the social networks like Facebook and Twitter and deciding just how much “buz” there is about the sites in their index. Those sites that are not found to have  any “social standing” (i.e. they are not being put on someone’s wall, Tweeted, Digged, or Tumbled) they they will likely find it a lot harder to get or keep their search rankings.

We already know that social bookmarking is great way to get your sites indexed. It’s also a great way to add to your link diversity.

Now adding your sites to many web 2.0 social sites can create that “social standing” that Google are looking for in a great website.

There are automated bookmarking solutions like Social Monkee (and I recommend that), but they do not use high authority social sites. Not the household names.

This is where My Social Syndicator comes into it’s own. It brings all the high authority social networks together into one easy to use interface. It makes it a breeze to add your website to dozens of social sites in no time at all.

It’s not automated backlinking, it’s just great software that takes all the hard work out of getting your site onto as many social networks as possible.

Oh, and did I mention it’s free…….

Check it out at   http://mysocialsyndicator.com


Tony Marriott

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