There is a problem when starting to make money online and many people talk about it but very few seem to take it on board. So I am going to try and offer up, Not only the PROBLEM but also the SOLUTION

The problem is:

Trying to actually pick something and do it! From the information overload that is the home of all new internet marketers you need to break free and actually do something and more importantly follow it to completion.

Please don’t take offence because we’ve all been there (I still get distracted and buy stuff, read it and put it away). Of course we need to learn, and keep learning, that’s how it all works in any job you do.

The solution is:

This 4 step formula.

  1. Choose something (from the raft of stuff you already have), something you think you can tackle and looks at least a little interesting. It really doesn’t matter what it is (I’m talking make money online related stuff obviously)
  2. Go through the reading/video etc. (general overview)
  3. Draft yourself a plan – Write down what you are going to do and when you are going to do it
  4. Do it

Ok, a little simplistic but let me go into details.

Break the whole thing into “achievable targets”

Break each target down into “manageable chunks”

Here in Greece we have a very common saying…

See-ga See-ga (literally “slowly, slowly” but better translated as “a little a bit at a time”) and that’s the trick.

Actually make a written plan, set dates/chunks/targets, make them SMART (Specific, Measurable, Realistic, Achievable and Time dependent), if you have 5 kids and full time job then no point in trying to work 5 hours a day on your plan)

Sounds obvious but follow the plan. Occasionally things won’t work out so you can change the plan as you go but do that in writing and write down the reason you changed the plan. That way you need to be honest with yourself, it’s not so easy to write down “ felt lazy today and couldn’t be bothered” or “got carried away during keyword research when I found a blog on shoes” (that one’s for the ladies).

So for instance if your course/project is how to put up a website then…………

Set a main goal – Put up a website – Wow, that’s a lot of work and it seems hard and…??????

So break it down into targets – for instance

  1. Decide on a site subject/niche
  2. Get a domain name
  3. Get hosting
  4. Build basic site structure
  5. Add site Content
  6. Get Site Indexed
  7. SEO site
  8. Monetize Site

Then break each target down to manageable chunks or sub-targets – for instance

Decide on a site subject/niche

  1. Look at Amazonand find 10 best selling products
  2. Search Google trends for 10 current favourites
  3. Use Google Adwords tool for 5 niche ideas
  4. See Ebay for 5 top products
  5. ETC???????????

Do that for the whole course.

Now, “Put up a website” still seems like a big task, but.. Do you think you could “Look at Amazon for 10 best selling products”? Of course you can!

Now take an educated guess as to how much time each chunk might take and what time you have available and add the times and dates to each chunk and build up your plan.

Will your project make any money, I have no idea!

Is that the most important thing? Absolutely not!

Achieving your goals is the most important thing. Finish one project like this and you know you can do anything in the exact same way. What you learn along the way will be invaluable and let you make a better informed decision about your next (money making project). That means you will have a much higher chance of success next time.

In my old day job everything I did for customers had to have a plan and I can tell you from personal experience that without a plan your chances of failure will be increased 100 fold.

So do something, stick to it through to completion, don’t worry about “will it make money?”, Making money is the easy part on the end…

GETTING THERE is the hard part.

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