Get Profitable Keywords From The Contextual Targeting Tool

Have you heard of the Google Contextual Targeting Tool.

 No? Well your in for a treat.

Yes? Stay tuned I may still have something to interest you. [SEE VIDEO BELOW]

The tool has been around for a while but it is part of the AdWords tools suite so you may not be aware of it. It has changed recently and is currently in beta but it’s looking good.

I’ve had a play with it recently and I’m getting some great results.

The contextual Targeting tool is designed for AdWords users to target the context network.

That is really AdSense. In other words it’s designed for the people who buy Ads to display on your website.

So it makes sense that the data from this site is more related to AdSense than the basic Google keyword tool. In practice it is fantastic no matter what form of monetization you want on your site

It also seems to pull a lot of keywords that the Google AdWords Keyword tool doesn’t.

Like always though they are in there , it’s just hard to get them out!

Remember any keyword list can always be dropped into the keyword tool to get the search and CPC results.

Anyway I have put together a video that goes through using the tool for keyword research. How to find some great keywords to caret websites around and, because of the way the tool works, it gives you fantastic, high CPC secondary related keywords.

Now that’s a win in my book.

I show you a couple of different ways to use the tool both very easy.

Although I don’t cover it in the video this is great way to find the best keywords to expand an exiting site or to add additional related keywords to a post. An easy way to increase visitors and revenue.

Anyway don’t hang about here listening to me rabbit on go see the video now. It could help you get a new website up today.

If you can’t see the video below here try using this link  VIEW VIDEO

or download the MP4 from HERE  (right click/save link as)






21 responses to “Get Profitable Keywords From The Contextual Targeting Tool”

  1. Doug Prentice Avatar

    Hi Tony
    Another great video. What a great source for new keywords for new posts for existing sites ( I always seem to run out of ideas) and for exploring new site projects. I also bought Fast Attack Razor that you recommended – as you implied much of it was familiar but some interesting ideas and a great blueprint for building affiliate sites.
    Can’t wait to get started!!
    Best regards and wishing you a Merry Christmas and good New Year.

  2. Howard Avatar

    Thanks – very useful update.

    Do you think the keywords listed for each “Suggested Adword Group Name” are good LSI keywords to use on a page?

    1. Tony Avatar

      Yes, definitely it can be used like that. Once you have chosen your final keywords put them back into the contectual too land use the resulst as LSI keywords.

  3. John Weiss Avatar

    My new favorite tool!

    Thanks again Tony

  4. reed Avatar

    thanks for the share Tony, looks like a better cpc search tool, cheers

  5. Deborah Avatar

    Thanks for taking the time to share this method, very interesting indeed. Can’t wait to try it out!

  6. celie Avatar

    It is typical of being an average user that we don’t fully understand or use the tools that are available to us. This shows me a whole lot of options inside my Adwords account, I will definitely use this textual tool but also it shows me that hunting about a bit inside G Adwords would be a good thing to do. Thanks for the information and the inspiration.

  7. bob beckley Avatar
    bob beckley

    Great vid, Tony. I knew about the CTT, but not in as much depth as you demonstrated. Thanks for the lesson.

    One nit: when you tried to limit CPC to $1 for Berber Carpet Cleaning, I believe you left the dropdown set on Local Monthly Searches.

  8. bob beckley Avatar
    bob beckley

    Instead of “Berber Carpet Cleaning,” I meant to say “the list of carpet related keywords.” It happened toward the end of the vid.

    Thanks again for your insights. You always provide value to your users.

    1. Tony Avatar

      Hi Bob,

      In my enthusiasm I did make an error trying to add $1 without changing it to “ECPC”. I did correctly set it immediately after but it looks like I managed to edit out that bit (in error).

      I think the principel is pretty clear though


  9. Ariana Avatar

    Thanks Tony for this surprise lesson. I’ve been gathering keywords for my product with various methods and comparing which keyphrases appear frequently. I like how you organize groups of keywords.
    Thanks for your generosity!

  10. Andy Avatar

    Tony are the cpc we see from the contextual tool really the results for adsense payouts?

    If so this video sucks…for me because I just spent $50 buying articles for a new website. I did research on spyfu last week and I was going to go after some high paying terms, on spyfu these keyword apparently pay out $50+ a click with adsense for example

    I searched the same keywords in the contextual tool and it reports barely £2 a click!! (I’m in england). I was about to do some heavy backlinking next week on this new website to rank for these high paying competitive terms but now I am having second thoughts. Don’t want to waste time and money because I could go after £2 a click terms that get waay more traffic.

    Do you have any thoughts on this?



    1. Tony Avatar

      Hi Andy,

      According to Google the prices in the Contextual tool are the recommended bid price for Adwords users when targeting contextual ads (Adsense) therefore they should be more accurate than the ECPC in the Adwords tool as they are targeting Adwords Search ads.
      Adsense ads tend to be cheaper than Search ads.

      Also you will only get a portion of the bid price as an Adsense user.
      I have no experince of SpyFu so can’t really comment on their data but I think it is based on Search Ad cost not Content ad costs.

      Althoigh $50 to $3 seems a large discrepancy in any case.

      I looked at your SpyFu data and took teh top keyword
      It had $177 in Syfu, $120 in Giogle Adwords tool, and $2.43 in The contectual Tool. I can’t say why the discrepancy is so much. I did notice that the top keyword in SpyFu was only $1 a year ago and only ramped up in recent months. Maybe the age of data has something to do with it or maybe Adsense really have a low cost compared to Adwords for these particular keywords. I’m guessing because the ECPC is so high (and clicks (0.04 per day) so low, that these keyords are pretty special. It maybe they don’t behave in quite the same way as we expect the more moderate keywords to behave as they are being targeted by “experts” in the Adwords world. I guess you will only know the real answer when you start getting clicks.


  11. Nat Avatar


    Great information as always. If only, if only other marketers would take your lead and provide such valuable, useful content the world would be a better place.

    Thanks for the knowledge.


  12. Mike Hutchinson Avatar
    Mike Hutchinson

    Hi Tony
    Thanks again and again and again! Anyone who wants to learn IM from the boots up this is the place to be. Tony has a teaching style that puts you in control and makes you decide how fast you want to learn. I have been trying to get in to IM for some time and like so many have spent time and effort (And Money) just trying to understand the basics!
    Tony covers the lot right under one roof, and if thats not enough when you send in a ticket for help, you get the man’s personal attention!!
    This little snipit of info for KW research is another golden Gem from Tony and its FREE!
    So stick arround because when he posts something or launches a new product you can be sure its not fluff or regurgetated rubbish its really going to help you to become a better IMer.

    Merry Christmas Tony and thanks for all your help

    Mike (UK)

    1. Tony Avatar

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your comments.

      I’ll keep trying to deliver……Merry Xmas


  13. Kathy Avatar

    You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

    1. Tony Avatar

      Honestly, it is not nearly as complicated as it seems. Just braek it down into small actions, follow te instructions step-by-step and you may be surprised.
      Like everything in life it just get easier the more you do it.

  14. Hamant Keval Avatar

    Hi Tony

    Great tutorial on the Placement Tool.
    I must admit I never used it prior to buying the KCC. Amazing tool,

    I can tell you – you saved me so much time and effort when a friend ( Jack Sinclair) recommended it.

    Since then I have used nothing but that keyword tool – Thanks for an amazing keyword tool.

    Your tutorial for finding those seed keywords using the contextual tool was fantastic



  15. gabriel daalmans Avatar

    Hello Tony,

    Thank you for a very useful video about the contextual search tool of Google in the case one is interested to sell ad-space in the adsense program. I have seen one similar approach of Calvin Woon so far.

    How to proceed in the case one wants to buy adspace in the content network of Google in order to sell or promote products?



  16. Scott Avatar

    Ok, so . . . I have not come across anyone giving so much quality content away anywhere! I mean I have only invested about $30 with you so far Tony, and I can almost not keep up! Thank You very much for your quality training and awesome free stuff. Just for example, you explained Keyword Research in great detail in a recent email and I have not seen this anywhere else. I had never found a decent explanation of the difference between Exact Match, Phrase match and Broad Match even on sites such as Market Samurai. Will be waiting with bad and baited breath for your next installment of your amazing over delivery! Again my thanks. Kind regards Scott

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