Have you heard of the Google Contextual Targeting Tool.

 No? Well your in for a treat.

Yes? Stay tuned I may still have something to interest you. [SEE VIDEO BELOW]

The tool has been around for a while but it is part of the AdWords tools suite so you may not be aware of it. It has changed recently and is currently in beta but it’s looking good.

I’ve had a play with it recently and I’m getting some great results.

The contextual Targeting tool is designed for AdWords users to target the context network.

That is really AdSense. In other words it’s designed for the people who buy Ads to display on your website.

So it makes sense that the data from this site is more related to AdSense than the basic Google keyword tool. In practice it is fantastic no matter what form of monetization you want on your site

It also seems to pull a lot of keywords that the Google AdWords Keyword tool doesn’t.

Like always though they are in there , it’s just hard to get them out!

Remember any keyword list can always be dropped into the keyword tool to get the search and CPC results.

Anyway I have put together a video that goes through using the tool for keyword research. How to find some great keywords to caret websites around and, because of the way the tool works, it gives you fantastic, high CPC secondary related keywords.

Now that’s a win in my book.

I show you a couple of different ways to use the tool both very easy.

Although I don’t cover it in the video this is great way to find the best keywords to expand an exiting site or to add additional related keywords to a post. An easy way to increase visitors and revenue.

Anyway don’t hang about here listening to me rabbit on go see the video now. It could help you get a new website up today.

If you can’t see the video below here try using this link  VIEW VIDEO

or download the MP4 from HERE  (right click/save link as)

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