This week I turned super sleuth!

Fiverr_tony9999_Shopping_Status_of_your_order_No.FO3197521741_-_2015-06-blog headerThere is huge amounts of money being made on Fiverr by selling cheap traffic and solo ads.

I have always warned people against using this traffic source but there is a never ending stream of people who still want to buy cheap traffic.

So I took an unprecedented step this week. I finally decided to go under cover and and see what is really going on at Fiverr.

What I found will probably shock you.

I have produced a real life case study of Fiverr traffic. At last I would prove what I have always preached.

I reveal the traffic scams and exactly how they are done.

I give you the proof and show you in fine details how you can be (or already have been) ripped off.

I reveal the identifiers that you can use to avoid being scammed in the future.

I look into the sellers themselves and find a few astonishing facts.

You will be able to see traffic fraud a mile away after reading my report.

This reports contains exactly how I purchased and tracked traffic.

How I proved their scams beyond a doubt and how I made sure the scammers knew I had done this.

Download my full case study from the link below.

Read this full report. You will be shocked at the results.

Be Warned- Be Safe

PS.  Fiverr is still a great place to get all sorts of jobs done for you like videos, emails, ecovers, voice overs, landing pages and much more.

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