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  • How To Keep A Penguin Happy

    The Google Penguin hit on  24th April and has been one of the biggest impacts on web masters, just about ever. If you build websites and have been following the current SEO advice the it very likely that you will have been hit by Penguin. It was a change by Google clearly designed to hit […]

  • Latest Google Changes How Do They Affect You?

    Google seem to have shot themselves in the foot a bit with their link based ranking search algorithm. In it’s day it was the best by such a huge margin that it shot Google to the top of the pile and made it firmly the worlds Number One search engine. In fact I doubt that […]

  • This Might Pinterest You!

    Hi guys, you may already have heard about the latest phenomenon in social site or even be using it. If you are – well done you are getting in on something very big. Pinterest is described as a social photo sharing website but it is so much more than that. A kind of of social […]