Every wanted to get more eyes to a particular part of your webpage or simply wanted to add something of interest?

Moving graphics were very popular a few years ago but it all got out of hand and some web pages ended up with nothing but flashing pictures that nearly blinded you or a least gave you a migraine.

However time goes by and most people don’t do that any more.  In fact you see very few moving graphics these days

One exception of course is paid advertising like Google Image Ads.  Well if it works for the big boys I guess it can probably work for us smaller guys.

So if you use moving images “respectfully” they can be a great tool.

OK, but how do you get those moving images – I’ll show you.

Take look at the video below that shows the basics of creating an animated gif

Now think beyond the video and you can start to see the possibilities here. Using multiple images can create short “videos” making running rabbits or bouncing balls.

OK, maybe not the most exiting suggestions but I can leave all that to your imagination.
Meanwhile here are the basic skills you need.

Want to learn more about creating cool graphics? Especially for Internet marketing?


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