Hi and welcome to day 6, the last day of the affiliate marketing training. In todays training I explain how you can massively ramp up your earnings by adduin more products to your affiliate funnel

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2. Once you have decided on a problem you need to look at a solution.

At this point you need to be looking to see what affiliate products are available in your specific problem area. You identified a problem in step one but that problem is relatively broad. It is likely that affiliate products will offer more specific solutions. This is a good thing as it narrows your target market and this will work in your favour. I will explain that a little later.

Take a look at the available affiliate products from the various affiliate networks. I’ll use Clickbank Affiliate Marketplace in this example.

For instance, if my chosen problem was for overweight people then I would search for diet or weight loss, or lose weight etc. and see what products are available.

I sort the products in order of popularity and also in order of gravity (how many people are promoting it?). I’m looking to see what products are actually selling and making money.

cbI find a number of problem solvers like The 3 Week Diet, The Paleo Diet and the Venus Factor. All are selling well and making the affiliates good money.

Don’t worry about competition it is not really relevant.

Fact is you want products that are already proven to sell. You do not want to be the guinea pig that tests the new products (and loses money).

cb-golfI check out solutions to Golf problems by searching on “golf swing” and again sort them to find the best performers. I see The Stress Free Gold Swing, The Simple Golf Swing, Body For Golf and 1 Short Game Secret.

Again, all selling well and making money.

Check out the Average Rebill Total (what you can get in recurring commissions! $584.26). Pretty cool right?

Of course I could do this with any niche or any problem that you can think of.

You can eventually promote all these products but initially you want to choose one. You’ll understand why this is important in the next step.

If you are serious about putting together a successful affiliate system the you will need to purchase the product you plan to sell. Two reasons for this:

1. Just occasionally the product does not come up to the sales blurb and you DO NOT want to be selling rubbish products or products that do not deliver what the sales page promises. Doing that is the fastest way to alienate your customers.
2. You need to know what is inside the product, so that you can better “sell it”. That means understanding your perfect customer, creating a great lead magnet, writing promotional emails etc.

Another big advantage is that you will have invested in the product. Trust me when I say that you will have more drive and focus when you have investment. Even a few dollars.

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