Hi and welcome to day 4 of the affiliate marketing training. In todays training I will look at creating the perfect lead magnet for your perfect customer.

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4. Now that you know your perfect customer you can find a very specific problem that they may have.

One that you can offer a very short, quick and effective solution to. This is not the main affiliate product you chose earlier. This will become your lead magnet. A cool giveaway that your perfect customer will snap up.

For instance taking our weight loss example you may look at your perfect customer and see that they work long hours and have very little spare time, have been on multiple diets, often drop out quickly if they don’t see results. So maybe something like a 24 hour pre-diet detox. It needs to take little time, be easy to do and seen to be effective pretty quickly.

So you could expand that to something like:


  • It hits a lot of your perfect customers key points.
  • They are short of time – 10 minute activities
  • Want to lose weight – Pre-diet detox
  • Probably have failed before – improve your dieting success
  • Like to see quick results – 24 hours
  • Requires little work – three steps
  • Easy to do – simple

Now you have something that will be highly enticing to your perfect customer. In fact it was created specifically for them.

Now if that is placed in front of them and offered for free do you think they will take it? Do you think they will probably even thank you for it? Yep they probably will!

So now you can see that your lead magnet does not need to be a big deal. It can simple be very short and to the point report. Maybe a PDF or even a 5 minute video will be perfect. It just needs to speak directly to your perfect customer.

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