Hi and welcome to day 3 of the affiliate marketing training. In todays training I will cover finding your perfect customer. This is one step that is usually missed out of this process. Do so at your peril!

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3. Next you need to identify your perfect customer

This is one of the steps that almost everyone leaves out and one of the reasons that getting converting traffic to your offer is such a problem.

The perfect customer is the one that would snap your arm off for the solution you identified in the previous step.

Think about it. If you know who your perfect customer is then you can target them very specifically. That means you will only be engaging with people who are very likely to want your product, they will be more responsive when you present them with ads or offers. They will engage more with you because you will be giving them what they want.

Doing this alone will easily double your chances of success.

I mean really know who your perfect customer is! Not just a few demographics like age, sex, income , education etc. I mean what do they do for a living? what are their wants and desires? what do they do for fun? who are their friends and colleagues? what is their family life like? and more.

empathyI mean real detail so that you feel like you actually know that perfect customer personally. When you do that selling to them is actually becomes very easy.

One of the best ways to identify your perfect customer is to use an “empathy map”. This can help you build a very detailed profile of your perfect customer.

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