Affiliate Marketing is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get started making money online.

If you are not familiar with Affiliate Marketing it is simply a way to sell other people’s products and get paid a commission.

There are a lot of popular affiliate programs and networks that make it very easy for anyone to start selling things and making money

Some of the better known ones are

Commission Junction

and many more…

You will also find plenty of training courses and guides to affiliate marketing ranging from a few dollars  to 100’s of dollars.

I have been involved in affiliate marketing for about 7 years now and although I am also a product creator it still makes up a substantial part of my online business.

Because affiliate Marketing is what gave me my start and is what I am still doing today I think iot is an excellent way to get started online.

It has very little risk and can be done on a shoestring. Of course like all businesses if you can invest some cash upfront then you can substantially increase you speed to market (earning your first dollar!)

So what I have decided to do is give everyone a chance to get off the ground with a free Affiliate Marketing training course.

What I plan to do is create a new post each day for six days. Each day will cover one part of the Affiliate Marketing system that you need to put in place to make this successful.

This system is the one I use and is most suitable for digital products, new starters and great to improve your sales if you are already making a few.

The training will give you a good overview of the system.

If you want even more detailed instructions I have put together a set of PDFs that take you through everything you need to do with step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

If you would like my set of PDF training guides then just click the button below.

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1. The first key step is to identify a problem that people want a solution to, and are willing to pay for that solution.

Notice I say “want” and not “need”. That’s because, for most people, buying something is an emotional activity. They buy based on their desires, not at all logically. This is especially true when buying a solution to a perceived major problem.

It’s why there are so many weird diet plans around. Consider this: Logically, if you want to lose weight, you need to consume less calories than you burn. The net results to that is weight loss. So just by eating less and maybe exercising more you can change the balance of your “calories consumed” to your “calories burned” right?

But there are literally hundreds, if not more, crazy diet ideas ranging from eating only bananas to drinking fat reducing tea or even eating cotton balls before meals (I kid you not! – but don’t do it. It sounds pretty stupid and probably dangerous).

mad-buyThe point is, when you want something enough all sense goes out the window and your emotions take over.

Now I’m not suggesting you sell ridiculous or dangerous products. In fact your products need to do what they promise (more about that later when I talk about solutions).

So the the problem needs to be relatively specific i.e. Overweight people want to lose weight, stressed people want to de-stress, owners of badly behaved dogs want them to behave.

Although problem solving is by far the best criteria you can also look at strong desires. For instance golfers always want to hit their balls further or putt longer. Most people would like to have more money and more freedom to enjoy life. Sportsman are forever trying to improve their skills, stamina or performance. The list goes on.

Although at the root of these desires the individuals probably see them as problems to be solved.

If you have chosen a specific niche then obviously the problem needs to exist in that broader niche.

OK, that’s it for day 1. I don’t want to give you information overload before you even startt 🙂

But if you are thirsty for more then click the button above to get the full PDF step-by-step  training series.

I hope this has given you a taste for affiliate marketing. In my next few posts I will be covering the main steps required to put together a successful affiliate system. So look for those as soon as it they are published.

Tony Marriott

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