OK it hasn’t but that is what a lot of marketers want you to believe.

And it got your attention right?

But nothing could be further from the truth.

What is true is that affiliate marketing has made some quantum changes over recent times and if you do not move with the changes then you will certainly see your affiliate earning disappearing.

The biggest issue is for the newbie. If you are now just starting out as an affiliate marketer then you have a huge challenge.


Not the challenge you are expecting though I am sure.

The challenge is that most current affiliate marketing training is completely out of date and is simply teaching you the methods that are currently failing.

It seems that those successful affiliates that have moved with the times, adapted to the changes and are raking in the commissions are somewhat reticent to reveal the new methods they are using

And who can blame them!

I actually started out as an affiliate market many years ago. I expect many of you did, or plan to, as well. After all it is one the few ways to make money online that can be done relatively simply and for almost no upfront money.

In fact I still am an affiliate marketer. It forms a major part of my business. However they way I do affiliate marketing now is very different from what has been the traditional taught methods. This has come about partly as a natural progression as my business changed and partially because a number of external changes like the Google algorithm and the continual need for more traffic has pushed up the effective cost of generating traffic.

Basically this means it is very difficult (if not near impossible) to make a profit directly from an affiliate offer.

Over the next few days I will be talking about how you can make a success with affiliate marketing.

A little bonus for you. I have a free webtool that can help when you want to find new niche ideas or you need to break through the writers block. Go to


It’s a very simple tool. Just type in a keyword, niche or idea and it will give yiu a bunch of buttons that will open up a number of web pages that can help get your mind working again if you have writers block, or you just want find a new niche or ideas for articles or anything really.

Look out for another Post tomorrow when I will talk more about how to make affiliate marketing work in 2016.

Till then



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